Nautical jacket xm coastal gray Size M

It is very functional, the Nautical Jacket XM Coastal Gray Size M as it is made with materials of higher quality providing great strength, waterproofing, breathability and offers much comfort to be used for coastal sailing and outdoor activities.

It has two pockets in the front where you can store small accessories. In the fringe of the neck it has a polar wrap and a protector for the chin for a greater protection against the algid climate.

Features of Nautical Jacket XM Coastal Gray Size M

  • It is unisex.
  • It has a high collar and chin guard covered in fleece.
  • With double closure and excellent water deposition system.
  • Integrates neoprene cuffs.
  • The elbow pads are coupled to achieve greater slack.
  • With two pockets on the front with a closure and a pocket on the inside that also has a plastic closure.
  • It has 3 snaps to specify the inflatable vest.
  • Made
  • with polyamide and waterproof cover.
  • Gray color.
  • Size M
  • Fully sealed seams for a waterproof finish.
  • Non-permeable and quick-drying lining.
  • High cut hot collar.
  • Sheltered by double protection against storms.

Benefits of Nautical Jacket XM Coastal Gray Size M

Intense protection for actions in watery, low temperature and tempestuous climates since it is finished in materials of the highest quality providing waterproof, breathable and being invulnerable to the air currents to keep dry the nauta.

For more comfort, the XM Coastal Jacket M Gray Size M has adjustable cuffs that certify an unrivaled grip, front rain cover with zipper, water-repellent zip pocket and hand pockets to protect hands from cold.

The hood is adjustable so it has a cinch strap at the bottom hem and a chin guard.

The Nautical Jacket XM Coastal Gray Size M has a neck that can be lifted to better protect the area of ​​the throat lined with polar fabric for better protection during travel.

Importance of Nautical Jacket XM Coastal Gray Size M

The Nautical Jacket XM Coastal Gray Size M is very light, suggested for days at sea, as it provides total protection against the ravages of water and wind. It has a sturdy fabric layer of waterproof fabric quality, to possess comfort in movement when hard work on the cover is executed.